Use of the Internet: Android overtakes Windows [Update]

StatCounter Android for identified first time a higher market share than for Windows . In March Google’s mobile operating system was responsible for 37,93% of all page views in its network. Windows came during this period, however, only to a proportion of 37,91 percent. “

 In relation to the worldwide Internet usage has Android for the first time overtaken Windows (picture: StatCounter). In relation to the worldwide Internet usage has Android for the first time overtaken Windows (picture: StatCounter).

“this is a milestone in the history of the technology and the end of an era”, CEO of StatCounter Aodhan Cullen said. “It’s the end of Microsoft’s global dominance in the market for operating systems, which it had since the 1980s. It is also a major breakthrough for Android, which worldwide percentage was only 2.4 per cent five years ago on the use of the Internet.”

for the success of Android StatCounter blames not only the success of smartphones, with access at the same time more and more users on the Internet. The weak PC market of in recent years have encouraged this development.

another factor was the influence of Asia on the global market. This is shown clearly in the regional results. In North America, Windows (39.5 percent) defended his leadership ahead of iOS (25.7 percent) and Android (21.2 percent). In Europe, the proportion of the Windows with 51.7 percent was even more than twice as high as the proportion of Android (23.6 percent). Androids share in Asia but was 52.2 per cent – for Windows remained there mere 29.2 percent.

iOS worldwide increased its share to 13.09 percent. In March, also more than 50 percent of users with mobile operating systems on the Internet is accessed. Mac OS X accounted for 5.17 percent, giving a combined share of nearly 44 percent classic desktop systems including Linux. 2.85 percent of page views recorded in March came from unknown devices, 2.3 percent to the category “Other”.

based on desktop operating systems Windows remains the global market leader according to statistics with 84 percent. “Windows has won the desktop war, but moved on the battlefield”, commented Cullen. In the mobile space, Microsoft will be probably no longer walk. First, the next paradigm shift the software group will offer the opportunity to regain its dominant position. “This could be augmented reality, artificial intelligence, language or continuum (a product which will replace desktop and Smartphone with a single Microsoft product).”

StatCounter evaluates access to 2.5 million sites. More than 15 billion page views included in the statistics according to the company every month. In contrast to the competitors of NET applications, which provides cross-platform statistics, StatCounter take into account also non-unique visits to a website. Moreover, NET applications corrected his evaluation to correct regional imbalances.

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access to the offer by has still the nose front Windows. Overall, the Microsoft operating system reached 44,09 per cent, which on Windows 10 54.7 percent, on Windows 7 36.9 percent and Windows 8 just under 6 percent. Android reached second after Windows with 30.85 percent, followed by iOS 15,29%. macOS comes with 7.42 percent to rank 4. The percentage of Linux is below 2 per cent. And less than 1%, as well as BlackBerry Windows phone .

 ZDNet: share of the operating systems (graphic:

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