USA would veto the possibility of taking a laptop as hand luggage on flights from Europe

the Department of national security of the United States may be planning major changes when it comes to fly or move to that country. The authorities of this country want to expand their ban on computers in cockpits in all those flights leaving Europe to the United States.

Although this news is not official, is expected to inform that the American authorities officially Thursday .

USA will veto laptops as hand luggage (including the MacBook)

This means important changes in flights that we will make to the us. Passengers travelling in the future from Europe to the land of opportunities, will have to carry their computers or PC laptops within the luggage that you are going to Bill . The Department of Homeland Security has not yet taken a decision final on whether or not to extend restrictions to other electronic devices, the fact is that the Secretary for security John Kelly will need to discuss this matter with the American senators at a future briefing this Thursday.

 macbook touch bar MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

final decisions on the extension of the restriction of the large electronics in aircraft cockpits were not taken, however, it is considering, Department of national security of the United States is still assessing possible threats environments and will make changes when necessary in order to keep travelers ” aerial insurance”.

iPhone, iPad and other devices under suspicion

remember that this ban on computers and tablets in the aircraft cabin is not new. The first ban by the American Government was announced for the first time last month of March where the Government claimed that there were some terrorists who had discovered a way of converting laptops into possible bombs. This first prohibition only applied to passengers going to the United States from Jordan, Qatar, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey .

 optimization iOS in U.S. user using iOS on iPad Pro

first ban remains in force, and according to some sources suggest as The Daily Beast all handsets will be banned from all flights leaving Europe on the way to the United States. (More reliable) sources as Reuters ensure that the only ban will be effective from “ European countries”.

time the only thing clear is that the way to make sure that lithium batteries stored in the cellars of luggage do not exploit before broadcasting the prohibition seeks U.S. . It seeks the way to discuss how to ensure that lithium batteries on any device stored in the holds of airplanes do not exploit in the middle of a flight. So it could be prohibited other electronics like iPad or iPhone. We will be aware of the expansion of these prohibitions and possible consequences through our website along with all the information that can appear around the world of the Apple bite and their mobile devices.

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