USA: regulatory authority wants to repeal net neutrality

the new Chairman of the Telecom Commission, FCC wants net neutrality roll back, which his predecessor had legally protected during the administration of Barack Obama. With the appointment of Ajit Pai, Chairman, the majority changed in the three-person panel that now is close to the Republican Government of Trump. The Authority participated already relaxed data protection rules, which allow the ISPs selling browsing data .

 Internet (image: Shutterstock/LanKS)

in the February 2015, the FCC under Chairman Tom Wheeler – ground-breaking network neutrality rules had adopted and prohibited paid passing lanes on the Internet. The rules apply to broadband with a speed of at least 25 MBit / s. Also blocking and throttling were banned. The US broadband provider complained in vain against the rules on net neutrality.

still want FCC Chairman now that pick up legal basis for net neutrality (PDF), namely the classification of Internet services as telecommunications services instead of information services (“title II” of the Communications Act). Only through this new classification, it was possible to establish a strict net neutrality because she got clear powers to regulate the broadband providers the Telecommunications Agency. Its repeal was therefore the way free for deregulation, which allows paid passing lanes on the Internet and at a disadvantage all other offers.

“because most Americans no choice in broadband access have, ISPs should have the unfettered power, toll fees from you and want companies to cash in, you reach”, commented the US civil rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). “While established large companies such as Facebook and Netflix this toll might can afford, is it extremely difficult have the next Facebook or Netflix, to compete in the competition.” Investors hold back funding of start-ups, which are exposed to the extortion of ISPs. And the situation is even worse for non-profit institutions such as schools, libraries, education and political groups.”

winners would be in particular the cable operators Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which feature a nationwide duopoly in the United States. In most regions, broadband Internet access are available for customers only by one of these two providers. It is also problematic that both providers are active at the same time in the media business and could be tempted to prioritise their own content. Among Comcast NBCUniversal – and in particular its film business made sure that its most recent quarterly results exceeded the expectations.

to do the announcement of Ajit Pais, which repeal title II classification, a group of start-ups, investors and other concerned organizations responded with a joint letter (PDF) to the FCC Chairman. “The success depends by America’s start-up ecosystem of more than improved broadband speeds”, they argue. “We are also subject to an open Internet – including enforceable net neutrality rules that ensure that large cable operators can disadvantage not people like us. We are extremely concerned about your intention to eliminate the existing legal framework.”


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