USA: Qualcomm wants to prevent importation of iPhones

In royalty dispute with Apple want to Qualcomm call the U.S. trade authority ITC and apply for an import ban on iPhones. Thus, Apple’s smartphones, which are manufactured in Asia, could be excluded from the US market. It reports Bloomberg and refers to a teller who is familiar with the strategy of the chip manufacturer.

 Qualcomm (image: Qualcomm)

the International Trade Commission of the United States (International Trade Commission ITC) is just in patent disputes frequently called, because it has quasi-judicial powers and can impose measures such as import bans. But above all such measures about the ITC is faster than in regular courts across instances.

the license dispute between Qualcomm and the iPhone manufacturer escalated further after Apple late April set the royalty payments. Because Qualcomm could avoid billions of dollars in revenue as a result, it had to lower even raised its forecast for its business development. It must also expect that other licensee of Apple’s join example and want to enforce also lower royalty payments.

in January of chip manufacturers under pressure came as the U.S. Trade Commission FTC sued him because his license practices. He should have abused its market power to force anti-competitive supply and license agreements Smartphoneherstellern. On the other hand he refused to license standard relevant patents to competitors. Subject of the complaint was also Qualcomm’s business relationship with Apple.

with the requested iPhone import ban on Qualcomm tries now in turn exert pressure on Apple, a tactic common in such cases. The current iPhone uses modems Intel and Qualcomm to connect to networks, whereas before he was exclusive supplier for iPhone 7 Qualcomm. Since Apple payments to contract manufacturer of the iPhone has set, which in turn pay Qualcomm as a licensee, the chip maker now argues that Apple violated agreements previously concluded.

Qualcomm could can even extend license dispute and courts in Britain, Germany and China employ this, da’s come faster in these countries to make a final decision as in the United States. Auch Apple filed a complaint in the United Kingdom already a .

the first shot Apple had submitted claim for damages with a in January which followed the FTC lawsuit. The iPhone maker is accused the company among others to demand excessive royalty payments and to withhold agreed payments amounting to a billion dollars. According to Apple’s has also requires royalty payments over many years “for technologies that have nothing to do with them”. Qualcomm dismissed the accusations as insubstantial and Apple in turn accused’s have encouraged authorities worldwide to investigation of Qualcomm, had misrepresented facts and withheld information. In April, the chipmaker followed up and accused Apple breach of contract .


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