Updates, fragmentation and what comes after Wannacry

makes a few days spoke on radio on the subject of fashion: the cyber-attack of #WannaCry, which (new) Felipe wrote yesterday . In this talk talked of as not to update our operating systems and our applications is one of the main sources of computer insecurity.

For sample 2 buttons:

  • a report of The Guardian said that more than 75% of the computers of the NHS in England still run Windows XP and that is the reason why the attack was so effective on the infrastructure of the institution
  • the number of affected computers may is in Russia and Asia , regions where the levels of software piracy are alarming (Latin America has an average of close to 55% pirated software, excluding countries of the Bolivarian union where the number exceeds 75%). By not having rights of updates, resulting from the use of legal software, those machines are much more exposed than others. 

According to NetMarketShare Windows XP is still the third operating system among desktop computers (Windows 7 is the first). How this is possible? XP is 17 years old! Is desoportado from makes 4! Does not make sense that people continue to use this operating system (it is estimated that about 300 million computers still use it), even if the restriction is for applications that run on it. 

But this problem is not just computers. If Wannacry only affects Windows computers but most of 90% of the viruses and malwares that were launched last year running Android. The reasons? The same as the Wannacry:

1) market share of Android (85% + on mobile devices), and
2) operating system fragmentation is equal to or worse than Windows:

1 of every 3 Android smartphones used Marshmallow, an operating system that has more than 2 years. Another 32% use Lollipop, a software that already it has 3 years. And 19% use KitKat, launched on the market in 2013. Even Jelly Bean, that you have reached 5 years have been launched, has more market share than Nougat (which already runs to one year). 

Wannacry is not the end. Wannacry is the beginning. And them I bet that the next large attack will be those who use Android because update it is super difficult.  

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