Unpaywall: Complement of Chrome to get research papers of payment

often are doing a research paper and started a search on the Internet which takes us several hours and when we hit the document we were looking for, it is payment and we read only in parts! It is here where comes into play Unpaywall, an extension for Chrome Web browser and Firefox version free and legal in the document so you can read it seeking complete.

on the Internet there are many documents research in State paywall (a wall only traverse paying). Unpaywall is to change that, as it has already indexed more than 10 million of research with the same quality and completely free.

Once downloaded the plug-in in your Web browser the extension will begin to work. For example, when you find yourself with an academic research of payment document, the environment, will receive you a link to the document, but free and legal . “

 very easy to install very easy to install

whenever Unpaywall is a academic research paper in State paywall on the right side of the browser a green lock icon appears. When you click on it, plug-in will open the document in a new tab of the browser in a complete and totally free and legal .

the extension has a large database with free research papers index, for that reason performs the search automatically. If not the Green lock icon appears, it means that the platform does not have the link of the document in its free version. “

 yet very easy to perform everything very easy to perform

the utility also has some tools to customize the plug-in, and can change the color of the padlock, or use colors for searches, for example to distinguish links from documents that come from academic institutions or from newspapers online.

Unpaywall is a free add-on which is available for Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers.

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