Unlock Android 7 for Xiaomi MI 5: boot loader and LineageOS install

MI 5s is in addition to the MI 5 s plus the current top model of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. It offers excellent performance thanks to the Snapdragon 821 and up to 4 GB RAM. Although you must import the device from China, the camera in difficult light conditions has weaknesses, and often in this country lack the Smartphone due to lack of band-20 support LTE connectivity, a loyal fan base has been formed. That is likely especially on the relatively cheap for the services offered price of under are 270 euro . In return it receives the 64-GByte version, which is equipped with 3 GB RAM. With 128 GB and 4 GB RAM will it cost MI 5s to the 350 Euro .

attractive the option of using LineageOS is also the Smartphone on Android to update 7.1.1. Although it currently only unofficial variants of the CyanogenMod formulation for the MI 5s are available, several thousand using the popular Custom ROM already users.

 MI 5s with LineageOS (image: ZDNet.de)

mi 5s from China Import

to the prices mentioned in the Chinese online retailer Gearbest no charges except for shipping costs more, if Germany express or Germany via priority line is selected as standard shipping – shipping option. The shipping costs will vary depending on the model and location of the goods. Currently, they are 0.86 euros for the smaller model. The top model with 128 GB and 4 GB of RAM is currently free of charge.

in terms of the operating system there are concerning Xiaomi smartphones to consider a lot. As soon as a new model on the market, it is available initially only with a Chinese version of the MIUI Xiaomi operating system. This allows only English as an additional language setting. Later, there is a so-called global ROM, which supports a variety of other languages, including German, for individual models. There is still a further, serious difference between the two versions. The Chinese ROM contains not the Google play store, while global installed on the ROM of this is. But there is, install the play store under the Chinese Rome. So-called shop-ROMs are a special form. These were played up by the dealer and not rarely contain Adware and allow no OTA update often. In addition to the ones mentioned here, there are other versions of Rome. A detailed breakdown is the blog ChinaHandys.net.

MI 5: unlock bootloader, install TWRP, LineageOS and MIUI

must be to install another operating system, usually by House at Xiaomi smartphones locked bootloader unlocked are. You can apply for this at Xiaomi.

you can apply already the unlocking the bootloader before buying. After a few days–is usually granted this request by SMS. As soon as it is available, it uses the Xiaomi unlock tool, unlock the bootloader. Then to Flash a TWRP recovery on the Xiaomi to install a ROM like LineageOS so.

can conveniently located with the TWRP also a MIUI ROM Flash. If you don’t like LineageOS, you can switch back to MIUI. And who want to do more often from any founders, can create both a backup using the backup function of TWRP recovery in just a few minutes between different ROMs and the switch, without that they need to be set newly.

USB, adb and fastboot

before you begin, you should verify whether access to the MI consists 5 s via the USB debug mode. To do this, the USB drivers from Google are and tools adb and fastboot installed. Also 5 s must first at the MI developers options siebenmaliges tapping on the build number MIUI version released under settings – about the device – and then the USB debugging mode under settings – more – developer options enabled. For that you must also be logged on with the Smartphone with Xiaomi. In addition, access via adb on your Smartphone needs to be confirmed. This is not the case, the Smartphone is reported when you are adb devices in the prompt as "unauthorized". With confirmation device stands on the same spot.  This is the case, can be started with unlocking the bootloader. "

 USB debug mode enable and allow (image: ZDNet.de). should be checked at the beginning of the access to the device via the USB debug mode (image: ZDNet.de).

how succeeds, the Bootloaderentsperrung and the installation of LineageOS is demonstrated with a MI 5 s including pre-installed global CD-ROM the following. Unlock

boot loader is required to unlock the bootloader, an account with Xiaomi. You can create the following address. "

  1. create Xiaomi account: https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/register?&_locale=en
  2. submit application with mobile phone number: http://en.miui.com/unlock/apply_en.html  Xiaomi_Unlock_Apply
  3. after a few minutes you get a code. Entering this confirmation in the Web interface.  SMS-best
  4. then it will take two to three days until the release to the activation SMS arrives.
  5. if the SMS has arrived, you can use the Xiami unlock tool mi unlock: http://en.miui.com/unlock/download_en.html the bootloader of the MI 5 sec unlock
  6. extract

  7. Unloock tool, start and log on.  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-1  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-2  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-3
  8. MI 5s in fastboot mode start: disconnect device from the PC and turn off. Now + at the same time press. Now the fastboot mode on the device should be activated. Now connect the Smartphone to your PC. "
  9. with unlock unlock tool bootloader: If the tool has detected the Smartphone ("phone connected"), simply click on "Unlock".  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-4  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-5  Xiaomi_Mi_5s_Unlock-tool-6

TWRP recovery Flash

now the recovery is geflashed. The version from the is used for the test MIUI Forum by ZCX (download) . In the name of TWRPs is as also in that of LineageOS 5: he is the code name for the MI "capricorn".

first the MI must be brought 5 s again in fastboot mode. Either it turns off it and then simultaneously press the buttons + or you will open the command prompt and entering the following:

  • adb reboot bootloader

now can the recovery on the 5s (capricorn) flashed to MI. Rename the file "ZCX-TWR-3.0.2-X-MI5S-Capricorn-16.12.26.img" was previously in "mi5s recovery.img":

  • fastboot flash recovery mi5s recovery.img

now the TWRP recovery starts:

  • fastboot boot mi5s recovery.img

at the command prompt after the commands following output will be cancelled. In addition, non-system devices like adb devices and fastboot verified whether there is access to the Smartphone.

 Xiaomi MI 5: TWRP install (image: ZDNet.de) Xiaomi MI 5: so to install the TRWP recovery. Previously the file "ZCX-TWR-3.0.2-X-MI5S-Capricorn-16.12.26.img" has been renamed "mi5s recovery.img" (image: ZDNet.de).

now should be to see the surface of the TWRP recovery 5 s on Wed. It appears by default in the Chinese language. The changeover in German is as follows. First you type on the second button from the bottom of the right column, then on the globe in the upper navigation bar, then on "German" and then click the large button right below. Now, the recovery should be available in German.

 TWRP: language change (image: ZDNet.de) TWRP: language change (image: ZDNet.de)

before the installation of LineageOS is carried out, is the MI 5 s first set back. So this is thoroughly done, deaktifourth one under "Hooking" first option "system partition read-only mount". Then type "Delete" and click "Advanced delete". Now select the partitions "Dalvik / ART Cache", "System", "Data", "Internal data" and "Cache". The partition "CUST" is not deleted. It includes data for a subsequent Reaktiverung by MIUI. Now, it confirms the deletion and pushes the bottom slider to right. Then one carries a restart of the recovery of the buttons "New start" and "Recovery". Again, the language in German must be converted because you deleted all data including the TWRP configuration.

 TWRP: MI 5s completely delete (image: ZDNet.de) TWRP: MI 5s completely delete (image: ZDNet.de)

now, putting the Explorer the folder"Downloads"on the MI 5s's. Where to copy the files needed for the installation. In the test, these are:

  • lineage-14.1-20170328-UNOFFICIAL-capricorn.zip
  • open_gapps-arm64-7.1-pico-20170329.zip
  • addonsu-arm64-signed.zip

the next step is now installed LineageOS. Thus one can already take 5s operating MI - without Google. Who but worth the Google services including play store lays, installs them with GAPPS. Users who process in terms of Google's services according to the motto "as little as possible, as much as necessary," use the PICO variant of GAPPS. Who wants to use, however, as many Google apps including pixel Launcher as possible, opts for the SUPER version. There is an overview of the different variants of GAPPS here . Who needs root access on the device, installs the file addonsu-arm64-signed.zip. "

 MI 5s: LineageOS, GAPPS, and SuperSU with TWRP install (image: ZDNet.de). MI 5s: LineageOS, GAPPS, and SuperSU with TWRP install (image: ZDNet.de).

for the installation of the three components choosing one by one these in the 'Install' TWRP - main menu, activated the option "Automatic restart after installation" and confirm the installation by sliding the slider to the right.

now begins the installation, ending after 1:45 minutes with a reboot of the system. Now, LineageOS will start. The first launch of the operating system takes a bit longer because of the cache configuration of type of. After about 4:30 minutes, the Setup Wizard by LineageOS should be revealed. Because this is still error, if you the Setup option "apps and data retained" selects, recommends for the Setup option "as a new device set up". Android 7.1.1 of with current security patches is now on Xiaomi Wed 5s in the form of LineageOS 14.1 available.

 MI 5: the LineageOS Setup Wizard is restarted (image: ZDNet.de) MI 5: the LineageOS Setup Wizard is restarted (image: ZDNet.de)

the development of LineageOS for the MI started 5s only recently, are currently only unofficial LineageOS builds before. It is however not uncommon. The Galaxy S4 shows that after a certain time the developer of the unofficial build has also become the maintainer of the official LineageOS Variant.

major limitations have not occurred during the several-day test with LineageOS on Wed 5 s. The fingerprint sensor with the occurred problems in previous builds, works fine. Since however Xiaomi still not released the kernel source code, some functions are not fully supported by the hardware and run instead as a software emulation. Nevertheless, can look quite the performance. In normal operation there are no used or other abnormalities.

MI 5: MIUI 8 reinstall

who does not cope with LineageOS, can the recovery switch back to MIUI. This copy xiaomi. eu_multi_MI5S_V8. 2.3.0. MAGCNDL_v8-6.0 in the folder "Downloads" on the MI 5 s, will start in the recovery, resets the Smartphone and selects the MIUI ROM under "Installation". Because it is much larger than LineageOS, it takes 2:32 minutes until the installation ends with a reboot of the device. Overall, it takes 8 minutes, 41 seconds until the Setup Wizard by MIUI logs.


backup installation with the TWRP recovery a tool available that allows only the installation of Rome also backing up an installed system and its restoration is available to users. Since the MI 5s is very powerful, a backup from a freshly decorated LineageOS takes only 40 seconds. MIUI installing larger 62 seconds. For the restoration of LineageOS pass just 90 seconds and MIUI 137 seconds. A recovery is so much shorter than a new installation.

 TWRP: backing up and restoring (image: ZDNet.de) with the TWRP recovery you can make a full backup of an installed operating system. Therefore, a restore runs easily and quickly. Should she not succeed like in the right screenshot, this is usually missing write permission. This can be by deselecting the option under "Hooking" activated "System partition read-only mount" (image: ZDNet.de).

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