Ubuntu is unity desktop and buries Smartphone ambitions

canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced the end of the desktop surface Unity8 . In the future, the Ubuntu Linux operating system will be shipped back with GNOME. This means also the from the Ubuntu version that is optimized for smartphones, as well as the Convergence Shell, the Ubuntu phones makes the desktop replacement.

 Ubuntu (image: Ubuntu) instead the company focus on the areas of cloud and IOT wants to be. “The cloud and IoT for Ubuntu are excellent and are getting better”, Shuttleworth wrote in a blog post. “You probably all know that the most public cloud workloads and most private cloud infrastructures of Ubuntu are dependent on. You may also know that it also is based most of the IoT work in areas such as robotics, networking, and machine learning on Ubuntu, and canonical provides commercial services for many of these initiatives.”

due to large investments, which put canonical in the unity interface for smartphones, tablets and PCs, the decision was not easily made. “I was of the opinion that if convergence is the future, we can provide it as free software, which would equally accepted by large parts of the free-software community and the technology industry, because it is there very frustrated because the manufacturer available standing closed alternatives. But I was wrong on both counts. In the community our efforts as fragmentation, rather than innovation were seen.”

canonical had introduced the unity desktop 2011 Ubuntu 11.04. Since spring 2014, unity 7 is preset as a desktop. The now discontinued version Unity8 was originally to follow in April 2016 – she made it but only as a prerelease version in the release 16.10. Back to GNOME wants to understand canonical in the coming year with the release of 18.04.

also Shuttleworth stressed that canonical will adhere to Ubuntu desktop. “We are continues to offer the best free open source desktop worldwide, support the existing LTS releases, spread this desktop with our partners, support our enterprise customers and delight millions of IoT – and cloud developers who develop innovations based on.”

even when some users will miss the unity desktop, he was controversial from the outset in many Ubuntu users. The open-source community manager and former canonical employees Jono Bacon announced via Google + with : “the Linux desktop was always a hard nut to crack with millions of opinions, but I am proud that canonical has tried it, even if they have not achieved their objectives. However, the return to GNOME Frank Karlitschek Nextcloud founder called “welcome surprise”. DISPLAY

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