U.S. farmers hacked after posting their tractors with Ukrainian software

inkjet cartridges . Capsules of coffee . Obsolescence programmed . Manufacturers use all sorts of tricks to keep users within their boxes of sand, even if that means violate basic rights . In the United States, farmers have been uploaded into the ring to fight John Deere and its blockade to the repairs on tractors made by third parties . The judicial way is slow, and the next harvest can’t wait therefore, farmers turned to hacking with the help of Ukrainian software.

to the other side of the pond there is a legal battle in progress. The reason for this battle roza absurdity, but represents very well to what happens with technology these days. I mean you buy a product, and the manufacturer suggests that you are not the owner. from your point of view, what your money buys is simply a license, which also carries a package of special restrictions. We have seen these obstacles everywhere. Different formats, the same essence. in the name of intellectual property and trade secrets, manufacturers repeat the classic mantra «not you can do that» and plan to take it to ridiculous extremes. Is in the United States where we find one of the most compelling examples: farmers may not even repair its own tractors.

Service Advisor serves (among other things) to calibrate injectors

John Deere is a name closely related to agriculture. Entire generations of farmers have used their products, and no one denies that they are of good quality. But sooner or later vehicles are broken, and John Deere decided that must control that aspect also . If repairs are not carried out official tools and by employees authorized the tractor stops working . While U.S. law explores the right to reparation, farmers and local mechanics have only one option: hack tractors . The main resources for this are from countries such as Ukraine and Poland cracked applications. The software is not cheap, and access to the forums (necesario en la mayoría de los casos) requires an additional sum, but before the madness of John Deere, the farmers prefer to pay and regain control of their vehicles.

thousand euros in Exchange for cutting the ‘digital locks’ John Deere

as expected, John Deere seems a scratched disc: ‘unqualified staff’, ‘risk for the equipment and the user’, ‘intellectual property’ and more. The response of the farmers? A hack at the same time. alternate parts, optimizations based on experience, and even a tractor that using methane extracted from the excrement of pigs . What millions of users live day after day with smartphones and computers (falta de diagramas, herramientas propietarias, etc.) now arrived at the camp, its workers, and by extension, food. By luck, these new «farmers hackers» are to rise to the challenge.

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