Twitter to disclose “unofficial” Government Twitter account

that US Government has instructed Twitter to disclose the identity of the person behind the account “ ALT_USCIS “. It is one of several accounts which use names by US authorities and criticizing the Government of President Donald Trump. Twitter is now legally resists the publication of user data.

which is abbreviation USCIS actually by the US immigration of United States citizenship and immigration services used, which in turn belongs to the Department of Homeland Security the Department of Homeland Security. It is responsible for the implementation of the decrees, which President Trump wants to restrict the entry of visitors from certain Islamic countries.

the complaint filed at a District Court in Northern California is aimed against the Department of Homeland Security, customs and border protection agency, Homeland Security Minister John Kelly, and three senior officials of the customs authority. Twitter accuses the Government of misusing an investigative tool for a few purposes, to identify the holder of the unofficial Twitterkontos of the immigration. This should be one or more employees of the authority.

the disclosure of user data is also contrary to the first amendment. Twitter it derives a law on the dissemination of published under a pseudonym or an anonymous political statements. The company also feared a deterrent for other “alternative” Government accounts that follow not the official rate of the Government of Trump.

the Supreme Court have occasions the exceptional value of free of speech in connection with such accounts or by pure political opinions about government policies and Government waste and mismanagement confirmed, it says in the lawsuit. “And the Court has also recognised that anonymity is often decisive for the promotion of such political statements when the speaker, as in this case, must reckon with retribution and punishment if he is associated with the statements in connection.”

Twitter wants to achieve with the complaint that the request by the authority for unlawful explains.

the civil rights organization of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced, however, to represent the owner of the relevant Twitterkontos. “The right to criticize the Government, Abdullah is clearly protected by the first amendment”, cited the ACLU lawyer, Nathan Freed Wessler, in a press release. “We are pleased that Twitter uses for the rights of its users, and the ACLU will submit documents in the near future on behalf of this user. The approach of the Government leads to the concern that it only comes to suppress dissent.”

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