Twitter text Splitter: how to send a message long on Twitter

Twitter uncomplicated text Splitter is a free web tool that allows you to send a long message on Twitter without complications . Easily you can divide long texts in snippets of 140 characters that you can easily send to your Twitter account.

is known Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters in the form of TWiT. Many are already accustomed to the system but there are times where the text that one wants to express exceeds the maximum limit of characters and that’s where we read messages with counters at the end (e.g., 1/10) to indicate that this Tweet is the first of ten which talk about the same topic, something that can be annoying when you enter it manually. To save you from that work there is Twitter text Splitter, a simple web tool that facilitates the division of text to Twitter without complications .

using this tool the text will be divided and will be shown in blocks of 140 characters.

Just enter Twitter text Splitter write your username on Twitter (you must be registered with the same user name) and then you type or paste your text in the box on the right. An interesting detail is that you don’t need to enter your user password. Automatically the text will be divided and will be shown in blocks of 140 characters. At the top has an options panel where you can choose how each Tweet will be displayed either by inserting ellipsis or inserting (or not) the counter of Tweets at the beginning or end of each message.

the first tweet will be sent from your Twitter user while the second and successive with one another to be linked from the first tweet, as consecutive responses, so you must delete your user name for Twitter at the beginning of each message. Good thing Twitter text Splitter is that it is completely free of charge (if you want you can leave a collaboration). Even you can download and install the Chrome extension . It is easy to use and is in Spanish language, so now send a message long on Twitter will not be a complication using Twitter text Splitter .

official site: Twitter text Splitter

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