Twitter media will provide an API for live broadcasts


Twitter continues to provide new opportunities to live broadcasts. Now it will open its doors to the media to avoid having to do so from Periscope. Twitter

and transmissions live

little more than one year ago reached Periscope to our phones, allowing us to view and transmit what we were seeing completely live and direct.

many cellebrities use it to let us know your every day. In addition it is also used by media communication in order to know the completely live news.

The Information has released a report that tells that Twitter will launch next week an API fully dedicated to media

what will try this API?

to launch Twitter API, the media requiring broadcast live longer will not have to do so through the Periscope, but through own software .

though the social network already allows to use this type of service to some companies, now cast it so that the rest can use it also.

the API will be launched next week, as well as the announcement of a creation of partnerships with companies that “provide services of back-end for transmission of live video”.

this will make news organizations CNN how BuzzFeed Fox and other transmitted via Twitter live news, without having to go to Periscope.

Twitter playing with advantage

 Apple TV Twitter is also available on Apple TV

is more comfortable for the user, since through the social network of the bird you can see the news, without having to download Periscope, if so desired.

fit note that this API is only available for the media. Users must follow broadcasting through the Periscope.

in addition, Twitter party with the advantage that is available for Apple TV 4 thing that brings us even more to the more traditional view informative news, and is through a television.

do you think this movement by the social network well? Would you prefer that they relayed through Periscope? We hope your opinion!

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