Twitter Lite is now available to save mobile data

Twitter Lance Twitter Lite, a desktop version in which a we will consume fewer data that if we use the native app of the social network of the bird.

Twitter launches Twitter Lite save us data Mobile

but becoming more and more smart phones with data rates, are activated there are fees that are too slow. That’s why Twitter has decided to optimize the form of access to the social network so users with these rates can continue enjoying the app.

is apparently based on the version of web browser, limiting somewhat the main features of the application but consuming less data the mobile rate.

how to enjoy this option?

very simple. You may simply enter in Safari – or the browser that you use often –

the company ensures that access from browser consumes less than a megabyte.  A number and insignificant data. They also say that in less than five seconds, you can see the content.

the experience within the web version will be identical to the mobile version. You’ll have everything in order to enjoy it, but saving data. “

but you can even save more data

 Twitter Lite saving options of data within the mobile version

but Twitter does not stop there, but has implemented several configuration options to save even more on our data rate.

can configure to appear or not attached in tweets, videos and photos to view only those who want doing a tap on them.

according to reports, can save around 70% of mobile data using this configuration.

If you want to know all the details, we advise you to visit the web page of Twitter from here .

good movement by Twitter, no doubt. Do you think that the social network will launch this option to save data? Do you prefer the mobile experience or browser? Apple 5 × 1 look forward to your comments!

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