Tweetbot improves the interface and functions in a new update to the Mac operating system


Tweetbot, the alternative to native Twitter app, updated with interesting features for the macOS platform.

Tweetbot is updated with new changes

very recently Tweetbot launched the API for the iOS platform and has now done so for macOS.

in this version, 2.5, Tweetbot developers have included some interesting changes in the app, as well as a change in the user interface.

the news that comes loaded this update are as follows in the App Store :

  • Twitter has recently added new API to send DM through Dm. Now you can also enjoy the app for macOS.
  • when we answer a Tweet the names of users who are responding not counted within 140 characters.
  • can do a ‘classic’ response holding down control while you press the answer button. In this mode, user names that counted in 140 characters.
  • solution to a problem that, to put the app in full screen, the window did not change screen resolution.
  • solution to the crasheo who came to view the collections of a user with a large number of them.
  • solution to the problem of multiple image view. The first and second were below the third and the fourth.

very useful functions

 Tweetbot Tweetbot and its interface

can already send our photos via direct message (DM), giving a privacy and convenience to the user, and you do not have to do that action from the official Twitter app.

to be implemented the option to respond to users and not be included within those – sometimes scarce–140 characters, gives us a little more space to be able to write a tweet. That Yes, if we do a classic response, us that counted. You will have to choose how to respond.

do you think that Tweetbot includes these options?

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