TSMC would have started production of the A11 chip from Apple

TSMC, company responsible for producing the new A11 chip from Apple, could have already started production for the new iPhone 8, which would see the light in autumn.

how is the production of the A11 chip?

as reported by “DigiTimes’, the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) would have begun to produce the new chips A11 that will integrate the iPhone 8 . In spite of this, it is possible that a new version of “S” models, the iPhone Terminal had 7-7 Plus, which would advance the iPhone 8.

remember, that this same company was the only manufacturer in the A10 chip, integrated into the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Thanks to this manufacturing, TSMC received a strong revenue growth at the end of the year 2016.

as already mentioned last March the approach that has the company responsible for the manufacture of chips A11 is, that for mid-summer, production reached the 50 million units and continue such production to reach the figure of 100 million chips by the end of the year 2017.

 new chip A11 iPhone 8 (and possible iPhone 7S) new chip A11 of the iPhone 8 (and possible iPhone 7S)

this production was scheduled to begin last April but the company TSCM has had to delay this production due to problems in the manufacturing process of FinFET 10 nanometers.


Despite these problems, production would have begun, and leaving behind these contingencies, as reported today in a release.

“TSMC has begun the production of Chips of 10 nm for the next generation of iPhone Apple 8. Production which was affected by issues related to the packaging in the packaging process, but since have been resolved”.

as well as being a faster processors may include body of glass and Wireless charging while the rumours do not agree with this aspect. She is not clear that two planned LCD models have the same screen using edges to the maximum for more high-end devices.

a KGI analyst, commented on the possibility that the problems that occurred in the production of the A11 chip them lead to a severe shortage for the tenth anniversary of Apple, with the iPhone OLED, in the months after its release in September. Opinion not shared by other sources, which ensure a production on time.

do you think making the new chips A11? Its production will be delayed or will maintain the deadlines?
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source: MacRumors

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