TSMC will not take the decision to build a new plant in the United States until 2018


TSMC company has reported that it not move its microchip manufacturing plant to the United States by now . They confirm that they will take a final decision next year.

TSMC has one part dedicated to Apple

TSMC has a floor dedicated to the manufacture of chips for Apple . It is this plant, according to Reuters which raised the output of Taiwan and the implementation in the United States, according to the new regulations of manufacture the products in the country, among others promoted by Chairman Donald Trump.

the representative of the company has informed that if they now had to move they would lose much of its flexibility. They want to make the decision in the first half of 2018 . It’s a investment of over 16 billion dollars to get implemented and put into operation a new manufacturing plant.

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no other provider Apple has taken the decision to move

as we all know, Apple has several providers of the different elements of its products. The vast majority of them are in Asia: none has been raised to even move some of its plants to the United States .

Foxconn seems as if that has been analyzing that it should be able to move, even seemed that they were already in preliminary stages of construction of a plant of product Assembly, although they have finally pushed back. Both TSMC and Foxconn have joined Toshiba to create a memory chip unit, although it seems that you are having problems the Japanese Government since Foxconn is very attached to the Government of China and the problems that could lead to Japan.

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do you think that Asian companies should move some of its plants to the United States? Do you think that it is a good bet for Apple? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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