Tricks to quickly charge the phone from Apple tea

have the ways to charge your iPhone faster

one of the things that Apple has not yet integrated to their smart phones is the quick load . For this reason we have to try to use various tricks to reduce, significantly, recharge our iPhone .

Then we will see ways to reduce iPhone recharge times.

1 using the charger for the iPad

the first method and one of the most known to obtain a rapid recharging of the Apple smartphone is to use transformer / charger for the iPad .

This accessory, iPad loader, has a higher power, in fact guarantees 12 W and 2.1 opposite the 5 W and 1 of the iPhone charger. In addition, for whoever has the doubt, the Californian firm has confirmed that this charger is compatible with all the Apple mobile devices available in the market so it can be used without risk of damage to any component.

Experimenting with an iPhone 7 Plus, time for a completely recharged using the charger for the iPad goes take about 3 hours to little more than 2 hours. This is a remarkable improvement that can improve even more if we take advantage of the second and the third method you find below.

2. activate airplane

mode at the moment in which we activate mode aircraft for the device, all connections of the iPhone is switched off automatically.

In this way the device will be in offline mode and will not receive any notification, call, message or any type of notice that requires the use of the network. At the same time the phone won’t have any connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it will consume much less battery power.

All these actions will be benefits for the device, that will decrease the loading time of the same it is notable. With the example above, on an iPhone 7 Plus we would spend 3 hours for a full charge, to just an hour and a half.

3. load using the low power consumption

low-power mode use allows the user the possibility to use the device with the fewest possible benefits, which increases the battery life.

Since then, this same procedure can be used on the contrary, i.e. activating the mode to reduce the loading time of the iPhone . It is important to note that low-power mode remains active until the iPhone would reach 80% charge, after arriving at this percentage, said mode will be disabled automatically.

Using this method we managed to decrease the loading time of the iPhone. As in the previous point, the 7 Plus iPhone charging takes an hour and half, in the case of using it along with the other two methods, the iPhone will take to load about one hour and a quarter.

Tell us what is your favorite or what tricks for charging the iPhone quickly you use.