“Traffic Jams, the response of Spotify to Carpool Karaoke

 Spotify Traffic Jams

Spotify announces that it will also have a series of Apple Carpool Karaoke style. Traffic Jams will be called and will be focused to produce music in a moving car.

in a little less than a month can enjoy Apple TV Carpool Karaoke series. Well. Spotify has announced that it will have its own music series called “Traffic Jams” .

from Variety arrives to us this news, somewhat controversial, since it is clearly copying or making the competition to the idea of Apple. It is very common among large companies.

the case is going to have a somewhat different content, and that rather than go celebrities and music artists to sing in karaoke mode, artists will produce a song in movement. It is quite innovative as it had not been done before.

presenter and driver of the vehicle will be DoBoy, and T-Pain and Southside will be the first guests who will come to celebrate the launch.


this program is part of well-known producers of hip-hop and rappers. The intention of this program is to produce tracks of music sitting on the back of a vehicle in motion .

the first episode of the series can be enjoyed through Spotify on April 4, i.e., on Tuesday of next week. Each chapter will be issued weekly.

the first guests, as we mentioned before, will be T-Pain and Southside who have made productions for Gucci Mane and Merk Mill. They have never worked together, so it will be the first time that we can see how they are able to produce a theme, and also while they are driven by the city of Los Angeles.

despite the fact that Apple did not give a specific date in the month of April, has pending not only the launch of Carpool Karaoke, but also Planet of the Apps.

we will see who wins more audience, if Apple with its Carpool Karaoke or Spotify with Traffic Jams.

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