Touch ID of 8 iPhone could come in the back

 iPhone 8 Touch ID

new images of the back of an iPhone where you can see a double vertical Chamber as well as a hole to place the Touch ID appear.

new images of a model

this new image, in which you can appreciate the double vertical Chamber and hollow Touch ID on the back of the iPhone was shared on Twitter Sonny Dickson .

image analysis

as you can see in the picture, the idea is very similar to that already she could see referenced a few days ago in this article .

you can also see the dimensions which will have 8, strained already earlier, depending on the image, iPhone size is somewhat larger than an iPhone 7 but less than an iPhone 7 Plus .

something that is not appreciated are the volume buttons, but it may be blocked by any component. Instead we can it differentiate the power button switch sound – which is has been rumored long enough that Apple intends to eliminate – and nano SIM card slot.

the question is in the hollow of the power connector. USB-C or Lightning?

would Touch ID on the back?

 Touch ID do the Touch ID moves out of place on the iPhone 8?

There are still many rumors indicating that it shall be placed in the back, as it is the case, and others who will integrate it in any way in the front.

in this image the hole that would have left to put it, is evident which would confirm that Apple has no sufficiently developed the technology to implement it in the screen itself in some way. Remember that can already see the reader’s traces in a multitude of Android phones .

it has been speculated even incorporate a front camera for unlocking the iPhone using facial recognition.

what is clear is that every time rumors suggest more towards a Touch ID on the back. We will see how users would react in the event that this possibility was real.

do you think appropriate to install Touch ID on the back? You seem comfortable or you preferiríais on the front?

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