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Raspberry Pi is a cheap plate, the size of a credit card, which can do almost anything that can be done one desktop computer. It has been developed by the Fundación Raspberry Pi to explore computing and help to learn how to program in Python and how zero languages for people of all ages.

with Raspberry Pi, can watch videos, surf the Internet, learn how to program, hack and can even be integrated with electronic projects. From June 2015 already more than 6 million of Raspberry Pi worldwide, had been sold which makes difference with multi-purpose plate more sold of history. If you are interested to know what are their applications, in this post we explore some ideas

Raspberry Pi 3 is one of the trends and the demand in the field of computer science and electronics. He is also a very versatile plate relatively low cost ( the latest model costs only € 38 ), offering high capacity of computer in a size very small including also different connectivity options where in addition we must not forget that all versions include a GPIO port 40 General purpose i/o PIN.

Raspberry Pi 3 is built around the new processor 64-bit with 1, 2 GHz of speed, much faster and with higher processing capacity than its predecessors. Also integrates a chip which endows it with low 4.1 Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity and power management improved allowing you to work with more external USB devices.

with regard to the energy consumption this latest version provides more power to the USB ports can connect more devices to the USB ports without the need to use powered USB hubs (also not need use WiFi USB adapters, will have more energy available in the ports).

if it is even said that you can do with a plaque Raspberry Pi the question is rather what you can’t with a Raspberry pi?

in this post, we have prepared a list of projects for students of electronics including electronics and programming computer (with Python), I hope that this helps you.

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