Tim Cook will be interviewed today to analyze the situation of Apple

this afternoon we received a big surprise in the drafting. CNBC has announced that tonight Jim Cramer interviewing Tim Cook. this interview comes at a very interesting time, since yesterday we had the pleasure to attend to the publication of the fiscal data of Apple in the second fiscal quarter.

that is why, today around Tim Cook is hot about these figures that we analyze in yesterday. In this article I tell you my opinion on how will go towards this interview. We started.

Jim Cramer will have the pleasure of interviewing Tim Cook in “Mad Money”

is not the first time that of Apple’s CEO goes to this program to give a public interview, and with the presentation of the financial data of your company on the back. Last year, he made a similar strategy due to the bad results that had in its financial reports, and had to face to reassure investors.

 Tim Cook Apple event Tim Cook presents an Apple event

because had to reassure them? By bump that took in bag last year at this time due to those bad numbers. This year, it has not been so catastrophic as last year, since in revenue, Apple, has remained stable as you had on yesterday.

a regret that the company remains stable, if that iPhone sales suffered in the last fiscal quarter something that has not finished persuading investors and could appreciate the actions of Apple just when they left these economic results. shares sank 1.5% . Obviously Tim Cook, as any CEO, he does not like its shares to lose value, and will now face one of the Talent Show most viewed us.

is a wise decision? in my opinion, Tim Cook is a CEO that will not be silenced with nothing and always gives the face. We saw him speak out against the policies of Donald Trump, and now will give the necessary explanations to investors so that morning back their actions to normal. Something that interests you, because at the time that I am writing this, the actions are placed in 146,89 points, 0.62% with respect to the closure yesterday on Wall Street.

you now you give your point of view, do you think that yesterday’s results force Tim Cook to visit this program? let us all your impressions in the comments box.


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