Tim Cook attributed the decrease of sales of the iPhone rumors of iPhone 8

yesterday could know financial results for the second quarter of Apple and Tim Cook made various statements concerning sales of the iPhone. In this article we have them to detail.

rumors are damaging to Apple, according to Tim Cook

we are surrounded daily new rumors about the next phone from Apple, which we will eventually see in a few months.

this fact could be seriously damaging to Apple regarding sales of their current iPhones, since could be that Apple fans would be containing when buying iPhone 7 to wait for the much-anticipated iPhone 8.  And all this is due to the fact that Tim Cook answered a question in yesterday that said the following:

I just looked and I have not had time to study it, but in general, what we are seeing is what we believe is a pause in purchases on the iPhone, we believe that they owe to the increasingly frequent reports on future iPhones. And that part is clearly underway, and could be what is behind the data. I don’t know, but we’re seeing it with full transparency.

rumors about the iPhone appearing before time

 iPhone unboxing

the unboxing of iPhone, the most magical moment of every purchaser of Apple. Whenever goes on sale an Apple phone, virtually as they are leaving rumors of the next. N or just remove the phone from the box and already they bombard us rumors of what will incorporate the following phone.

in the case of this next iPhone 8, rumors began even before the actuals come out on sale. While Apple insists on keeping secret some aspects of their phones and products, always leave some leaks that uncover that secrecy.

this future phone is says he’s going to be spectacular than what we have seen and known. screen OLED which will take advantage of all – or nearly all – the front of the phone, the disappearance of the Home button – without even knowing where will be placed the Touch ID-, steel frames as to the style of the iPhone 4, glass body, dual vertical camera… Even it is biometric sensors and utilization technology of augmented reality. And in the respect of these rumors, I invite you to see the reaction of David Hebrew and Fernando De el Moral regarding leaks:

see these features, would who buy an iPhone now not really necessary? I would at least be group that would be expected at the launch of Apple’s next phone, since the rumors that sound are really attractive.

do you what do you think? Would you expect the next or aprovecharías Carpe Diem theme? look forward to your comments!



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