Tim Cook answered in the CNBC that they claim that Apple will fall

already move it you yesterday, Tim Cook was going to be interviewed on CNBC “Mad Money” program. A program that dealt with interesting topics about the future of Apple, Cook opinion regarding management of Donald Trump, and some other things. Then we make a summary of the highlights.

Tim Cook answered to those who claim that Apple is doomed to fall

Jim Cramer, began the interview asking Tim Cook that opinion has the claims of those who say that Apple is “doomed” and that its final is just around the corner. Tim Cook was quite clear and said those comments “absurd” and “people who do not understand how the company” . It also adds “If the users are happy with their products have no reason to worry since, in the end are those products that guarantee the future of Apple”.

was also very overwhelming when talking about how the iPhone has changed our lives:

“the iPhone is the best product of consumption history. It has been integrated fully into the lives of people: their health data are there, you’re paying with it thanks to Apple Pay, you are sending messages to your friends. I don’t know if there is a consumer product that has made a deep change in the lives of the people”.

the rumours have slowed sales of the iPhone according to Tim Cook

 Tim Cook during the interview yesterday Tim Cook during the interview yesterday

clearly during the interview touched the financial situation of Apple, given that the company presented its Q2 2017 results barely a couple of days with fairly positive results and that you summarize in this post.

one of the highlights of the Q2 data is the fall in sales of the iPhone to previous quarters Tim Cook attributed to the continuous rumors that are being created on the iPhone this year. Especially in China, where “people tend to buy the latest”.

that Yes, not let go garment on the future of the iPhone.

what plans does Apple for the future?

Tim Cook acknowledged that the video is a format that is in continuous growth and affecting the evolution of this format to how people consume television. He said that “consumers are looking for something more than a linear television”.

precisely upon which role you want to play Apple in all this, Cook said that are making “great efforts in creating original content and see where we arrived” .

the CEO of Apple also announced during the interview, the creation of a Fund for employment creation with funding of $ 1 billion, that already I have told in detail in this post.

and topped the part devoted to the future of the company talking about artificial intelligence and augmented reality of which stressed that later thanks to advances in processors and GPU may be used. Did not forget the Apple Watch, which stressed the following anecdote:

always are working on an amazing number of things. The clock has meant an incredible step in health, especially in the wellness and fitness. I have lost 30 pounds thanks to Apple Watch.

and as I said at the beginning, also discussed Donald Trump in the interview, she more or less failed to verify a Tim Cook contrary to the policies of the American President, and he reiterated his desire for a tax reform.

If you want to see the full interview you can do so through the following URL . What did you think?

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