Threatened deletion of iPhones: Apple denies Icloud or Apple ID hack

Apple has responded to the threat of hackers, with alleged mass captured credentials iCloud account millions of iPhones want to delete . A spokesman for the company told Fortune the data came not from a slump in Apple’s systems. Probably they were captured in raids on third-party services.

 hacker (image: Shutterstock) ‘ no rebounded in any Apple systems, including iCloud and Apple ID”, the spokesman said. “The alleged list of email addresses and passwords was apparently obtained from a previously compromised third-party service.”

that is hacker group called the Turkish crime family, according to a report by motherboard in possession of access data for several hundred million iPhone accounts. They want to use the data iPhones from afar on the factory data reset and all data to delete, if Apple is not willing to pay $75,000 in a Kryptowährung or $100,000 in iTunes balances.

first they said 200 million compromised iCloud accounts whose resetting will be on April 7. Later, they reported the number had now increased to 519-627 million. “We are convinced that a further increase in 7 April 2017,” she bragged with a tweet.

Apple “control active, to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts”, added the speaker now. Apple also work with law enforcement to determine the blackmailer. “To protect themselves against this type of attack, we always recommend that users use strong passwords, apply same passwords for other sites and enable two factor authentication.”

from a referred to unspecified source that should have access to the data of the Turkish crime family, Fortune wants to have experienced, that the relevant email addresses and passwords are similar to data, from a previous burglary at LinkedIn. Until last year was known, that the 2012 more than 100 million user data lost Microsoft related business network now to criminal.

at least parts of the data could come from a current phishing campaign . Currently, scammers try to lure Apple users with an email on a deceptively real looking website, to loot their account data. Apple actually sent similar emails if users for the first time login with a new device in your Apple account – however in German, without grammatical errors stating not existent operating systems such as “ Windows 10 .1″. A review of credentials doesn’t require Apple also – it merely advises to change the password in the case of unauthorized account access. DISPLAY

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