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AMD has announced a new high end desktop processor of Ryzen series. The Threadripper called chip should therefore come in the summer in the trade and have 16 processor cores that can concurrently run 32 threads. It would thus be the first 16-core CPU for the consumer segment.

AMD CEO Lisa Su distributed via Twitter a photo of AMD’s Analyst Conference, showing Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of business computing and graphics, at the presentation of Ryzen Threadripper. Thus, AMD positioned the chip as a new high end desktop platform for the “world’s fastest ultra premium desktop-systems”.

 AMD Threadripper: (image: AMD) more details on Threadripper during the Computex computer fair, which begins on May 30 in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei. Intel to present also a new high-end processor are rumors, namely a model equipped with 12 cores and hyperthreading, for which the company aims to introduce even a new model number. PC World reported, the new Intel chip not under the name core i7 to be offered rather than core i9.

Threadripper can connect to the service, that offer available Ryzen 7 processors since early March, should be the 16-core CPU capable, Intel’s current flagship processor core i7-6950 X to have the barriers. “Only” 10 quick up to 3.5 GHz Broadwell cores available are the chip.

AMD also also confirmed that from the end of June the first graphics card available will be on the new Vega graphics architecture is based. However, the Radeon Vega aimed frontier Edition not on computer players, but computer scientists and engineers, as well as product developers, among others for the range of mixed reality. More details on the Polaris’s successor Vega are to follow in the coming weeks.

in the second half of the year, a mobile version of Ryzen processors should also appear which is intended for 2-in-1 computer, Ultrabooks and gaming laptops. She should unite the Zen architecture with a Vega graphics chip on one as first APU of the company.

the low end segment will also use starting in the third quarter with Ryzen 3 processors AMD. A Ryzen Pro optimized for use in workstations with additional security and management features is in the works, which should also be available in the second half of the year. In the first quarter of 2018, a mobile version of the Ryzen Pro to complete the assortment.


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