This is the first test of Apple tested autonomous driving software

from Bloomberg we get the first images of what seems to the first tests of Apple on autonomous lines.

Apple people to a Lexus steering wheel

as I had last week in this article Apple has already received the license to be able to develop and test their own autonomous driving, at the moment, California software.

managers in this task are mounted in a Lexus white SUV RX450h model. This vehicle, as you can see, takes numerous built-in sensors and cameras for the entire vehicle. “

 autonomous driving Apple Apple testing driving autonomous

the vehicle was equipped with the necessary technology, made by another manufacturer other than the brand of the vehicle, but it seems that they were not manufactured by Apple, but purchased.

This suggests that right now Apple is more focused on first create the necessary software for autonomous driving using cars from third parties and not his own. This does not remove so that in future they believe the entire system, along with the car, themselves.

Google also uses that same car for its autonomous operation

 Google Lexus RX450h Google also uses the Lexus RX450h

this car was already seen before, being used by the guys at Google. As you can see, which has used Apple has a larger number of cameras around the car while on Google only takes the upper Chamber.

at the moment it is not known whether Apple has agreements with other car companies, as in the case of Google, they also work with Chrysler.

the technology continues to advance

is amazing how technology moves at a rapid pace. Years ago we thought as autonomous driving something of the future but not so near future.

when this type of technology is used for the user will be a great revolucion.ya that would mean the fact of open world to people who cannot lead by themselves.

car accidents that take so many lives on the roads around the world would also be reduced. Everything is to minimize that number and make the much safer roads.

can not even see the Apple Car, but we have no doubt that in the not-too-distant future we will see it through the roads, that Yes, driven by those lucky ones who have the equity necessary to acquire one of them, because economic, certainly do not think that it is.

don’t forget to comment below what you think that Apple has started using the Lexus RX450h for their autonomous driving tests, as well as to choose the same car that uses the own Google.

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