This 3D printer is able to manufacture custom gum

Wacker has been responsible for surprise to the community thank you a new product by this time which, as they have officially expressed by means of a press release, is capable of creating gum completely custom thanks to the use of 3D printing technologies. This new technology has been named by its leaders with the name of CANDY2GUM .

as detail, let know you that not only is needed to create the material to be able to make your own edible candy, but also the guys at Wacker have built their own 3D printer completely customized to work with this new material. As a result, we have a new product that stands out for its texture and forceful flavor for this last is taken into account the views of consumers.

CANDY2GUM Wacker technology will allow us to create our own fully customized gominolas both in form and flavor.

the available flavors to create your own personalized chewing gum can be found among juices from fruit, milk, coffee, caramel, coconut, chocolate and even different plant extracts. All these flavors have been created from ingredients based on water, fats and natural elements .

according to the words of one of Wacker managers :

the secret that lies behind this innovation of the confectionery is the production process, the CANDY2GUM products are boiled Simpel. Gum conventional, on the other hand, is in a process of mixing dry. The ingredients based on water and fat, such as fruit juice and cocoa, are exactly what the traditional kneading process cannot handle.

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