These are the drones used by the Fire Department of New York

thus looks the drone used by the Fire Department of New York.

thanks to these two cameras the drone controller can live, offer images to the firefighter who is in charge of the operation of extinction. Thanks to this you can tell what this passing at all times from a completely different perspective and can give orders and modifying the previous radio staff working on the frontline.

as you can see, speak of a very expensive product that must be paid by the Department but, on the other, the truth is that aid that can offer have an asset like this when it comes to extinguish a fire is very important since it allows its eextincion in a way much faster while gets offer a safety firefighters are carrying out manoeuvres of extinction.

finally point out that we are talking about a drone which do not replace battery but has a cable that supplies power at all times, something that allows you to fly for hours. In turn, this cable serves to transmit the orders to the drone issued by the controller that allows that there is no interference with radio frequencies.

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