These are the Apple security measures to prevent leakage

the iPhone are one of the most sought after and desired devices. Apple tries to keep all its secrets as such until the day that they want to reveal . The place of manufacture, in China, is specially protected to prevent anyone but its employees know the design and features of the new iPhone.

which measures take Apple to prevent leaks?

a student of the University of New York, Dejian Zeng, has working undercover on iPhone Pegatron in Shanghai factory . During the 6 weeks which has been in the h a factory able to observe that measures are taken to avoid news about the iPhone 7 cross walls .

this factory is manufacturing iPhone 6s as a sector is exclusively dedicated to the Assembly of the new iPhone 7 which is completely separate from the rest of the factory behind a curtain that does not allow to see even the smallest detail. In fact, later, all the workers who were behind the curtain moved to another factory to work in better conditions until they can return definitively to the original place.

 factory Pegatron in Shanghai factory Pegatron in Shanghai

how will prevent the theft of devices?

in terms of safety to prevent the theft of the iPhone, workers have a locker, where they have to leave all your metal objects and their mobile phones, while changing into his work uniform. workers have card key, pass a facial recognition system and entering the factory through two metal detecting arches. 

student Dejian noted that the heads of high level if that were allowed to enter at the factory with their mobile phones so they that might be the source of leaks of the next iPhone.

 campus Pegatron in Shanghai Pegatron Campus in Shanghai

which measures take Apple?

Apple contracted out to other companies for the manufacture of your different devices, as in this case Pegatron . The own factory is full of security cameras, there have been cases in which the own workers have been trying to take some devices and were seen through the cameras .

since he spent making the iPhone the iPhone 7 6s, security measures became more thorough if possible. In addition, Apple wanting to protect their devices makes emphasis on security measures to be taken and carries out audits to make sure that your requirements are met.

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