The sunroof from Tesla goes on sale with warranty of for life

the beginning of the presale for the new sunroof Tesla suffered a slight delay (el plan original era comenzar en abril) but the expectation is so great that stakeholders not even noticed it. The promises are various, however, there are two that are very above the rest. Firstly, Tesla says that in an average household will be more cheap install a solar roof than a normal one, and as if that little, outside offers guarantee of life for its tiles.

electric cars in low-cost, solar projects in remote islands gigantic factories batteries facilities… Tesla does not stop. Recently discussed their progress Ford and GM in regards to market value, and while still must deliver to the Model 3, the monster of Elon Musk has not been without air, but quite the opposite. What’s next on your list? Nothing less than the sunroof, officially presented to the public in October last year, along with the Powerwall module version 2. Already at that time Musk had suggested that the cost of installation for the sunroof would be lower than for a conventional roof, and with the opening of your pre-sales, we have a little more solid numbers.

the final cost will depend on design that has every house and local incentives/subsidies, but Tesla assigned an average of 24.5 dollars per square foot of traditional ceiling (263.71 dólares el m2) from 21.85 the sunroof $ (235.19 dólares por m2) . In its calculations includes materials, module 2 Powerwall, installation and removal of the previous ceiling, but not so extraordinary expenses (impuestos, permisos, actualizaciones en la estructura, etc.) . the interesting thing is that ceiling is not equipped as a whole by solar cells. In fact, those 21.85 dollars come with coverage of the 35 percent although in the majority of cases, Musk believes that it will be 40 per cent.

example of the cost that calculates Tesla 1982 square feet with a coverage of 70 per cent

basically, the idea of Tesla is which in the final calculation Federal credits and the price of the energy generated, users will gain money by changing its ceilings within a period of 30 years. That brings us to the subject of the warranty: Tesla offers what it calls infinite «warranty» for its tiles, equivalent at the time of life of the House. Of course, all this theory applies exclusively to the U.S. market. Customers living in that country will be the first to receive the roof (disponibles en diseño pulido o texturado) while the rest of the world should wait for 2018, and perform their own accounts.

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