The Sims coming to the App Store with a version improved and closer to the computer

based on the PC game franchise number one of all time, the Sims Mobile will bring a new and exciting gameplay and endless possibilities in your iPhone . Thanks to this new game from EA, you can enjoy some unexpected moments full of surprise (and any) than other mischief.

the Sims, rather than a simulator of real life

for all those people who do not know what is this game, is based in comply with the destinations of your Sims and realize their wishes. Bathing them, sleeping, cooking, partying, socialize … all this with your own characters. You will have to create and customize the appearance and personality of the Sims, and then get them out of the House, the neighborhood, etc. with all the new games and open levels. The best of the game is that these worlds can also be customized.

the Sims is a game of simulation of real life in which can personalize almost everything as you said previously.  From dress to your characters, build your own homes or properties, buy objects of decoration you want to insert into your properties, engage in conversations and relationships with other Sims, and thus up to endless possibilities . You set the limits of this games.

the Sims Mobile soon for iOS

developers EA (Electronic Arts Software) owners of this famous series of games. They announced a new game for iOS and Android, the Sims Mobile .

this new game is designed to make the most of our Sims, directly from our iPhone. Although we can also download it in our iPad and iPod fifth generation touch, since it will be available for iOS and Android devices.


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the Sims Mobile will bring new features to iOS

thanks to this new game, Sims will go to the App Store with a version closer to the version of computers and improved. previous versions in contrast to this new game will offer greater possibilities within the game itself, greater customization, but most importantly, you’ll have more fun for all players directly from your iOS device.

will be aware of possible developments in the development of this game, so we recommend that you be aware of possible news on our website . Remember that Sims is one of the games it collects more money around the world. This is because the large community of players has, since some years ago.

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