The robotic lover? The second edition of the BQ Campus

 campus BQ

BQ launches the second edition of their interesting summer campus for children.

as detail, let know you that the BQ Campus be held in Madrid from June 26 to July 14 . These are organized in weeks and it is not necessary to participate in all but the truth is that the agenda in every week is different since, in each of them, different possible uses for the different technologies are addressed to treat.

according to the statements made by Alberto Valero education Director of BQ:

to build and program a robot, the child develops his creativity through skills related to problem solving: how to analyze an incidence, decompose it into subtasks, or secuencializar solution. These skills are essential in the adult world and will be a competitive advantage when entering the labour market.

we have to redefine what is a digital native. Children and adolescents were born surrounded by technology, but… do you know really how it works or how to create with it? Children use technology, but they’re missing their true potential: its ability to convert them into creators.

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