The Raspberry Pi is the third best-selling ordeador of history

 Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation, a British brand of computers create and manufacture the famous driver that bears his name, has just unveiled its historic sales where we find that in these years , have already been able to sell a whopping 12.5 million devices rather than literally puts this small computer as the third best-selling device in the history of computers, just behind other companies such as Windows and Mac.

thanks to these sales figures, Raspberry Pi would have gotten ahead of other big brands such as Commodore 64 , a very popular in the years 80 and 90 device. As detail, let know you that the company also wanted to spread sales data by models where, no doubt, is harvested by sales Raspberry IP 3B, a model that drink 30% of the historic sales harvested by all the company’s products launched onto the market.

Raspberry Pi has sold a whopping 12.5 million units since it reached the market.

as it appears in the official statement released by Rasbperry Pi Foundation :

third place might sound like a bronze medal, but given astronomical sales of Windows and the Apple Macintosh PCs, is an incredible achievement.

remind you that Raspberry Pi Foundation is responsible only deproducir ‘ hardware ‘ the famous device while all the ‘ software ‘ used in this famous plate has Linux base. This means that the software used is completely free and can be customized, something that has really enjoyed the community that there are following the success of this Board that allows you to do ‘ ‘ that cannot be with other devices .

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