The police in the United States may make use of armed drones

 armed drones

Although it may seem something more appropriate to a film of fiction than anything truly tangible it is true that, at least in Connecticut for the time being, the security forces already have legal authorization to make use of drones equipped with lethal weapons .

is true that we are talking about a legislation which at the moment is a pioneer but, knowing in advance that we are talking about a country where is constitutionally recognize the right of every citizen to have a weapon to be able to defend their property, you sure soon it will reach other cities or States.

Connecticut police may, by law, to use armed drones.

entering a little more in detail, let know you that this new legislation was adopted just a few days ago by the legal Committee where both Democrats and Republicans agreed that come out later, such is the case that, according to the records, apparently the vote ended with 34 votes in favour and 7 against .

as it could not be otherwise, for civil liberties defenders are a step by which will be quite the opposite of what is intended since this does that American citizens are safer . Meanwhile, supporters of this proposal announce that this special type of just armed drones will be used in very limited cases and should not be seen as an Automation of the use of force.

for its part, the Association of Chiefs of police of Connecticut, which will be which be discerning about when to use this technology and when not, to announce that no one wants to arm the drones with offensive intent and this will be just a resource to this technology in order to be able to defend any citizen. At the same time they indicate that, for them, it would be best that the use of weapons was regulated but they might not shut out the possibility that in a future armed drones can be.

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