The original content of Apple would Apple Music with iOS 11

 original content of Apple at Apple Music iOS 11

one of the most important objectives of the future for Apple is the generation of contents to compete in one of the most promising markets as it is the issuance of series, movies or music on demand, in which other platforms are succeeding, as it is the case of the better-known Netflix. It seems to be that, after many rumors, this possibility could arrive at Apple Music with iOS 11.

the content original increasingly closer with Apple Music on iOS 11  Apple Music

is well-known enough that Tim Cook are back to enter a market that has exponential possibilities, where other competitors, like Netflix, HBO or Amazon are gaining a large plot with its own productions. now it seems that everything begins to take form of reality with iOS 11. Remember that this new version of the operating system usually occurs in June, but not available until September. And also, although in June will present the new system, sometimes in September are big news or surprises.

the goal is that all appear with Apple Music, a first step for something bigger?  Content original in original AppleContenido in Apple

Apple Music could be working to launch up to 10 original series this year, a significant leap. that, not only may more video-centric features appear in iOS 11 of the application Apple Music that we have seen so far. Apple Music has so far promoted The Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke but you have not yet been published.

when Apple made public the next version of its iOS software at the end of this year, the company could reveal a new edition of Apple Music that would incorporate a dynamic and enhanced way of the video. We have already seen a first test of how it would be Apple Music original video content including Carpool Karaoke and The Planet of the Apps. In addition, many new features would be on road, including, a project star under the command of famed film director J. J. Abrams. Already there is less to know that holds us original content from Apple.

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