The new iPad leave records in the analysis of a website

according to new data provided by Fiksu we could soon have new iPad . Let’s see what are based…

the new iPad overlook online

Fiksu became aware of the existence of a new iPad by some web analytics . In them, appeared about the Apple tablet models never seen before.

these models would be four in particular. Yes, four. And to what it would be? These would be iPad 7.1 models 7.2 7.3 and 7.4 . Remember that the latest models that we have received are the 6.x, so these new tablet will be the next generation of Apple.

in addition, some of these ran betas of iOS 10.3 which are currently available to developers and the public who so desired. What is not available is the version of iOS 11 with which some of these devices have been sailing. This would be one of the first alpha versions of iOS will see this WWDC we will have in a few months.

 iOS 11 alpha in a few iPad

the four new models approaching…

This indicates that the iPad are closer than we think. In fact, according to several analysts, it is possible that we will see new iPad this month although perhaps not all of them.

but… for which four models? Good question. we currently have two iPad which we can consider latest generation, the 12.9-inch Pro iPad and 9.7. In addition, we also have the Air 2 that still sell, and Mini 4.

can therefore assume models are 7.1 to 7.4 of these renovations. In this way, would have a large model one medium and one economic small, plus one more.

in addition, to be finalized, should be recalled that already a few weeks ago the KGI announced that Apple is possibly working on a model 10.5 inch that might replace the current model of “medium”. This new iPad would have a larger screen surface, and a virtual start button. “

 iPad Pro 2017 10.5 inch?

as we can see, will soon see new tablets from Apple. How many? We still don’t know, what we do know is that Apple is working on 4 different models .

Te remember that date which is sounding for this keynote presentation is April 4, as you have in this post

do you what do you think? which you think will be the difference between these 4 models? When do we see them?

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