The new enterprise features of Windows are 10 creators update

Windows 10 will get creators update from April 11, the so called . For companies, the update brings new features and improvements, and that especially in the area of security. Compared with previous versions Windows brings 10 security features, which were not included in the previous versions. With Windows Defender ATP about, Microsoft introduces a ‘post-breach solution”. It can better recognize successful attacks on their system, analyze and understand.

with the creators update, Microsoft introduces more features for businesses and organizations. Windows Defender Security Center about future acts as a centralized management for all built-in security features. Here, users can track which protection measures integrated in the operating system are currently active. In addition, security areas give an overview of anti-virus protection, device performance, firewall, network protection, as well as app – and browser control.

 Windows Defender Security Center. (Image: Microsoft) Windows Defender Security Center. (Image: Microsoft)

extended is also the mentioned Windows Defender ATP: so, sensors monitor the memory on possible attacks in the future. In addition, Microsoft optimized the Windows Security Center with new indicators and solution ways for successful attacks. In addition to new alerts, new tools help isolate affected computers or files. Also compromised processes can be thus easily switch off. For the tracking of attacks that collects the Security Center also forensic data.

 the market research company Forrester wants to have shown in a study that companies with the use of Windows can save 10 costs and minimize security risks. (Image: Forrester) the market research company Forrester wants to have shown in a study that companies with the use of Windows can save 10 costs and minimize security risks. (Image: Forrester)

a computer cross-tracking the activities of the attacker on the network, Microsoft collects internal and external reports, as well as indicators of attacks. The Microsoft security research labs, as well as some third-party not named Microsoft check and supplement this information. In addition, Defender ATP is associated with Windows Defender and can see further signs of unknown attacks in this way. For users of Office 365 in this way also information threats levied, which spread via E-mail in the company, such as Microsoft tells

Microsoft reacts with the creators update also the criticism by privacy advocates had called for more transparency and control for privacy by Microsoft. New privacy settings in Windows 10 1703 creators update and an updated privacy policy tries to rebut Microsoft these accusations and lists in detail what data are collected for which purposes.

 users get 10 a better overview and new Konfigurationseinsellungen for protecting data on a new installation of Windows. The new survey replaces the previous users can get on a new installation of Windows 10 a better overview and new Konfigurationseinsellungen for data protection.
The new survey replaces the previous “Express settings” and “Advanced settings”. (Image: Microsoft)

with the Windows 10 creators update, users get a new and more detailed setup when configuring privacy settings . Short descriptions of each point and the selection of “More info” to guide the user in configuring privacy settings.

systems where Windows 10 is already installed, get a notification that a revised privacy Setzup available stands. The current privacy settings are applied for the presets.

 “Assume the Breach”: for more than 60 percent of the German companies, hackers have already become reality. It is therefore all the more important to have appropriate solutions and tools in case of damage. The creators update, Microsoft extends the capabilities of the Windows Defender ATP. (Image: Microsoft)

in the new installation of Windows 10 or when buying a PC, customers also receive a streamlined menu, which will replace the existing “Express settings”. Telemetry data can be in the future only with “Standard” and “Completely” set. For this, Microsoft released a complete list of accumulated diagnostic and usage data of the configuration level ‘Standard’ for the first time. In addition, there should be a summary of the data collected with “Standard” and “Completely” from Microsoft. This is supplemented with a new privacy policy that informs about the new privacy enhancements in the update of the creators.

with the help of proprietary telemetry data administrators can expand in the future also the analysis of its own IT environment. For that, Microsoft has extended the Windows upgrade analytics dashboard accordingly.

with the current update Microsoft Access according to own statements of also the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) of the EU, which will enter into force as of 2018.

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