The new Apple iPhone 8 could cost less than expected

Apple could sell the iPhone 8 cheaper than expected

while it seems that you for Apple production cost is much higher than expected and that in several reports speak of that 8 iPhone could cost $1000 or more It is possible that this is not entirely true.

The famous analyst Steven Milunovich UBS believes that the price of which will be the next Apple smartphone will depart from the $850, a bit more regarding the price expected for the next iPhone 7s and the S8 Samsung Galaxy.

will the 7s iPhone cost less than the current iPhone 7?

According to UBS analyst mentioned, new iPhone 8 will not cost $1000, but much less, since its price should leave from the $850, almost $ 200 more than the current 7 32 GB iPhone and $80 more compared to 7 Plus 32 GB iPhone.

Milunovich explained that Apple is totally cosciente from the fact that if the price of the new device from $1000, this could hinder the diffusion of iPhone 8, since few users are willing to pay so much for a smart phone, while it is high-end.

The new iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, however, should cost up to $100 less on existing models . Thanks to this movement, Apple could significantly increase its presence in the Chinese and Indian market which have become key markets to help grow the market share of the iPhone.

New iPhone prices are to increase the number of sold devices

thanks to this new pricing strategy Analyst believes that 45% of the iPhone will be sold between 2017 and 2018 finals will be iPhone 8, allowing Apple to also increase the selling price of your smartphone from 667 dollars to 692 dollars , with a 38.5% profit margin.

do you think Apple to sell the iPhone cheaper 8 what really will cost you to get more share of the market?

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