The most important decision of the Galaxy S8 Samsung

insurance knows that today Samsung introduced their new flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, which will go on sale worldwide on April 21. By what we have seen, the company has made every effort to produce the most beautiful smartphones that have existed. 

The task that has the company ahead is not easy. Recover the trust of your customers, your brand value and first place in market share after the debacle of the Note 7 will not be easy. But everything seems to indicate that this pair of teams are what help the company succeed. 

20mil feet tall will highlight several features of the Galaxy S8/S8 +:

  • super high screen (with a 18.5 aspect ratio: 9) without side edges and with minimum margins above and below make sure devices look beautiful
  • processor is 10% better than the S7-level processing and 21% more powerful qua level of graphics. 
  • Increased size in the front camera and the improvement in the autofocus makes the S8/S8 + have some of the best trail cameras on the market
  • the introduction of Bixby your Intelligent Assistant, promises a radical change in the way in which interact with devices Las 3
  • unlock options – code/pattern , fingerprint or iris recognition – give you a taste of all types of users

  • is the first smartphone 5.0 Bluetooth (which allows you to, among others, connect to 2 wireless headphones at the same time)
  • and DeX technology which extends the smartphone to a desktop experience when connecting to a dock could make this the main (and only) team of many users.

Finally, at the technical level is set.  

However I think that the most important decision taken by Samsung with this release is the simplify the decision-making process purchase of its customers by eliminating the determination of Edge or not Edge. 

In the past, with the Galaxy S6 and S7, Samsung put users in a difficult situation: on the one hand showed them a computer – the Edge – that was revolutionary, different and unique on the market. A device that turned out to be that everyone wanted, but that issues of price and/or availability not all could have. 

Many of which ended up buying the traditional version did so because “it touched them,” because it was for “which reached them” or because it was “which was available”. But many others, to not buy the team they wanted to also evaluated alternatives from other brands (and the flagship of other brands, except Apple, are much more cheap).  

And if you that it compounded the coexistence with the Plus version that came out afterwards with the Note you will see as they ended up being victims of what is known as the paradox of the options ( there is a good book on the subject). 

With the Galaxy S8/S8 + Samsung provides life to his fans and simplifies them the purchase decision. There is a single computer, a single flagship. It comes in two sizes. It is a decision much easier, clearer: you like the “phablets” (although I think that the term already went out of fashion) or want a “normal”?

Less thinking, less comparisons that do, less evaluation process. If you want to the flagship Samsung purchased the S8. Point. And, believe me, that is going to be one of the weapons in this release. 

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