The Ministry of the Interior will not use drones to monitor its borders

 Ministry of Interior

after several months of study where guard Civil has been testing if truly drones can be a breakthrough in the field of border surveillance, as has recently commented José Manuel Holgado , director general of the Civil Guard in the Commission of inside of the Congress of deputies apparently have finally rejected the use of this technology since they have detected some technical problems, including wind.

in this way finally is rejected that the Guardia Civil can start using drones in conflict zones of our country such as Morocco of Ceuta bordering perimeter while in previous hearings it was noted that the use of drones might pose a big enough breakthrough that could alert much before certain attempts to enter Spain illegally.

the Civil Guard will not use drones to monitor the borders of Spain.

personally I must confess that this news has left me a little ‘ cold ‘ since, on the one hand it is argued that one of the technical problems that have drones is the wind, something that may be true, to put it in some way, halfway. I say this because that is more than proven that depending on the type of used drone, this should not be any kind of impediment, perhaps that, almost certainly, be a problem is the ability of the operator who has been testing this technology.

on the other hand, the truth is that have not wanted to give more details about the problems that may have this type of technology may perhaps be because you don’t have them or have them, not they know for sure how to solve them through ignorance since, at least in Spain, there are many companies able to develop drones fully customized for all types of work and personally I think that you can have easy solution and implementation.

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