The mini iPad could disappear, according to a source close to Apple

rumor has it that Apple would be intended to stop back in history to the mini iPad, without taking more updates for the device, according to a source close to Apple

farewell to the mini iPad?

If you are a user of a mini iPad and you’re expecting to get a more current model to be able to change it, I’m afraid that today don’t you bring you good news.

from BGR, a source very close to Apple, comes this news where tell us the sad news for lovers of the smallest of the iPad. Apparently Apple would be considering the disappearance and discontinuation of the iPad min i, leaving without that so compact size to its users.

you have in this article Apple ever sold fewer iPad but, even so, rumored that it could release a brand new size in the next WWDC of June 2017. This iPad would have 10.5 inch display, with a much more exploited front than in the other models.

would be the replacement for the mini this iPad? In a way it could be, since we have never before seen an iPad with this screen size, but which may also indicate the disappearance of the 9.7-inch iPad. As rumored, it would have a more compact size but a more utilized by the own screen front. “

an iPad that had their audience until the iPhone Plus size

 iPhone Plus 6 the culprit in the decline of the mini iPad?

It was released in 2012 and had its public. It was the perfect companion on trips, very easy to transport due to its size and its weight . Or you’d that you wore it over, and that was a point very in favour for many users EU did not need a bigger screen.

but the decline of this compact size came when Apple released an iPhone for one larger, in particular of 5.5 inches. The mini iPad users could have more functionalities with an iPhone 5, 5″ that with iPad although he had less screen.

were not few those who sold their iPad to buy the iPhone 6 Plus, because aside from offering great advantages in the field of the multimedia display, also had a phone with more screen to carry in your pocket, without having to carry two devices on.

Apple has gone slowly unearthing a mini series of iPads, first eliminating the second model took off, to leave only the mini 4 with a price and storage capacity really attractive.

are a mini iPad user? what do you think of this news?

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