“The malware in macOS increased 744% over 2016 according to McAfee

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bad news for the guys at Apple. And it is that in 2016 the malware in your operating system has grown a lot in 2016. To give you an idea, it increased 744% this year. One of the most important companies in the field of security, McAfee has provided this information.

460,000 detected cases of malware through 2016

that that in Mac, there are few viruses, has been denying the year and is one of the most famous companies in McAfee security, has revealed in its annual report that cases of malware have been increased in MacOS % 744.

 evolution of malware over time on macOS. evolution of malware over time on macOS. Via McAfee

what is has because of this? basically to the adware. These are software that will give us users a pebbles of advertising, what will result, obviously, an exposure risk of our Mac

in addition to this attack of advertising from our Mac, we also find other very troubling problems for our safety and that it would expose us to the responsibility of certain cyber crimes. As, are not talking about the increase in kidnappings of devices to form part of a network of bots that make various attacks on the Web services. The description that gives us the company to these attacks of kidnapping on our devices, so it is you clearer (because I am not an expert in cyber security) is as follows: IO devices

are being abducted and used to carry out serious crimes in cyberspace. The attackers, after gaining control of IO devices, can use them to attack businesses, consumers, or the infrastructure of the Internet.

If you are very interested in this report, we invite you to view it full by clicking here .

do you think that Apple should put the batteries in the field of security and achieve the fame that had before in this field? Let us all your opinions in the comments box.

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