The iPhone remains the most popular smartphone in the world

we already knew that the iPhone is the best phone on the market, but that its popularity was in the clouds is also a reality and we do not say it. According to the firm’s Research Strategy Analytics Apple’s phone is still the most popular smartphone in the world .

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the most popular market (in sales)

this signature ensures that both as the 7 Plus 7 iPhone are the two most popular models on the market . This is because Apple has managed to send nothing more and nothing less than an estimated amount of 21.5 million iPhone 7 and 17.4 million of his older brother (7 Plus). Some incredible amounts and returns to leave the competition on the floor.

 iPhone 7 Plus next iPhone 7 different cameras between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

to complete the podium of the most popular phones in the world we have to go to China. According to them, mobile phone Mark R9 OPPO is completed the list of the three smartphone more popular . The Chinese brand OPPO phone got sold 8.9 million devices.

but where other brands?, Samsung sale not bad standing of this listing by Strategy Analytics. The list of these analysts ensures that most popular handsets of Samsung were the Samsung Galaxy J3 (fourth place) and the Samsung Galaxy J5 (fifth place). Both terminals managed figures of 6.1 and 5 million units sold respectively.

the other brands with at least one device on the market accumulate an estimated () 294,4 smartphone million sold. In the last statement of income of Cupertino announced sales amounting to the 50.8 million phones the last quarter. However, should remember that Apple does not give the results of sales model-by-model.

Apple continues beating records

Strategy Analytics estimates suggest that the two Apple devices (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) represented approximately 76.5 per cent of the sales of smart phones from Apple in the last quarter . A few really impressive data, if we take into account that only the 23.5 percent remaining of sales comes from older models, which equals lower profits for the company.

in addition, these data also suggest a fierce contest between the two latest phones of the company. With a ratio of 55 against 45 sales, iPhone 7 slightly trumps his older brother . “

 iPhone 7 Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus matte black 7 Plus iPhone and iPhone 7

However, are facing the best figure for Plus models. At the end of January, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook said that iPhone 7 Plus had become the Apple phone with larger ever sold . This means that 7 Plus iPhone sales are quite better than earlier as the iPhone 6 Plus or Plus 6S models.

in the past week, Apple added 7 Plus iPhone demand outpointed all its forecasts which caused the scarcity of this device during the first few months on the market. It is not the first time that Apple achieved the award for the most popular phone on the market thanks to the iPhone. The year passed another called research firm IHS Markit also gave the same award to Apple and your phone.

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