“The iPhone 6s was the most popular smarphone of 2016 according to IHS Markit

 iPhone 6s with iOS 10 wallpaper

it seems that iPhone 6s, launched in 2015, was the most popular device on the market in 2016. See more details.

whenever a technological year ends, it should be a review by what has happened in the market of smartphones to see how is the stage between different companies. With each release is looking for surprise, being better than the opponent and get more sales. It seems that Apple has taken the Palm in 2016 with its iPhone 6s. “

the most popular smartphone in 2016 was the iPhone 6s

 study Smartphone IHS Markit, where wins iPhone 6s image owned by IHS Markit

as we can be seen in Cult of Mac to regret that the terminal star the year 2016 in the company headquartered in Cupertino was the brand-new iPhone 7 in its two screen sizes This was not the most popular terminal of the year . This award it would be, according to a survey conducted by the firm of analysts IHS Markit, brother of the previous generation: 6s iPhone.

the terminal of the S range, which as we know kept the design by adding slight improvements thus beat a terminal whose characteristic star was the dual camera Plus model. But not only the iPhone 6s Dethroned in popularity to the terminals of the Apple company but also to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 competition . The findings of this study were the result of analyzing the sales of more than 350 smartphones; had four of their terminals among the five top-selling Apple also detaches from 2016.

connection to brands beyond the big two found in the study to other companies such as Huawei, which not settled any of their terminals among the ten most popular in 2016, or Oppo, who managed seventh place in sales. Let us in the comments what you think of this study and if you think that Apple will maintain leadership in this 2017.

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