The iPad sales plummet every year

the world of tablets was a boom at the beginning, but according to IDC Sales continue to fall sharply from makes ten quarters, including the iPad.

the iPad, leader of sales

the Apple iPad remains the tablet most sold in the world and the like. But even so, it is within lumped the rest of Tablet on the market.

in the fiscal results of this first quarter of the year. Apparently, last year sold during the same quarter 10.2 million ipads, while this year sales have fallen to 8.6 million.

these data are still adding in the list of sales declines, since go a total of thirteen quarters where increasingly are selling less.

from IDC have made the following statements to the press:

“results from Apple show that it is not immune to the changing dynamics of the demand of the industry and consumers, part of which is due to the continued success of its other product lines”.

this decrease in sales might be that the boom of abultes them already passed, and that users who have one think to change it as happens year after year with their mobile phones.

Ryan Reith, IDC program Vice President, stated the following in relation to what you mentioned:

“the rate at which the tablets market grew between 2010 and 2013 was different from many other markets of devices aimed at the consumer who we’ve seen before. However, it seems that for many reasons, consumers have become less eager to upgrade these devices, or in some cases buy them. We continue to believe us that the main factor for this was the greater reliance on Smartphones.”

best iPads but fewer sales


Apple every time is more improving their iPads, but or still get back to the other years sales figures. Perhaps because the price of these has risen in relation to the functions that are intrinsically, we don’t know.

precisely because of the rise in prices, Apple managed to rebound from a big drop but still been in 3.8 million iPad in the previous quarter, rather below the 4.4 million by the same time last year. “

the sales of Apple in the market for tablets

 IDC sales of tablets table of sales of tablets, according to IDC market

as you can see, Apple led the list of worldwide sales of tablets, occupying 24.5% of those sales. It’s a pretty high number. This would indicate that one in every four people buy an iPad as a tablet for your leisure or work.

in second place is Samsung with a 16.5% share in the market of sales of tablets. In the case of Huawei, in a third place, it has been the only manufacturer who has obtained a growth in terms of sales in this market.

see how continues to advance this sector, since all indications are that the tablet will end up becoming extinct, as it has done with so many other technology products.

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