The investigator who arrested WannaCry will receive $10,000 and a year of pizza free

security researcher known as MalwareTech on Twitter received the attention of the press to become «hero accidental» who stopped the campaign of ransomware WannaCry . Unfortunately this led to an effective doxxing when from the beginning had wanted to protect their identity. However, others took advantage of this situation to recognize their work. HackerOne Group confirmed that it will deliver to MalwareTech $10,000 for his actions, and Just Eat announced that you can eat free pizza there for one year.

a quick review: WannaCry took by storm the Web, leaving out to 250 thousand systems. FedEx, Telefonica and the British health system were the most affected. Microsoft issued the necessary patch last March, but the delay of some Admins added to the lack of support in Windows XP created the perfect breeding ground, and Redmond were obliged to publish an additional hotfix. Its recommendations is already made in specialized sites, and even vaccines were developed to prevent infection.

MalwareTech announced the award on Twitter, and their desire to donate the full amount

the WannaCry campaign could have continued planting the chaos, if not for the intervention of the researcher MalwareTech . While it analysed the code discovered that this ransomware was connected to a domain not registered, «» . His next step was to register this domain hoping to obtain additional data on the behaviour of WannaCry, but to activate it, the ransomware stopped completely. Initially, he thought that it was a power switch, however, the domain was there to report to the if WannaCry was inside a virtual machine.

traditional media moved heaven and Earth to identify MalwareTech, and certainly succeeded, but they did not consider that the researcher preferred to maintain its low profile . That implies a very significant risk, since WannaCry makers should not feel very happy to say. If this has a good side, is as follows: the Group HackerOne MalwareTech awarded a prize of thousand $10 which will donate in their entirety, and once appeared a couple of pictures on your Twitter account with Just Eat pizza, the chain confirmed that can eat free pizza for a year . Each serving is deserves. We are in debt.

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