The international fall of WhatsApp: when the world was silent

“was a great commotion in the force. As if millions of voices shout of terror and then they were silenced. I am afraid that something terrible has happened.” those were the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi to learn last fall of WhatsApp of in yesterday, but the silence itself was short-lived. The effective break was extended by two hours, and in that interval users turned to Twitter and Facebook to express their frustration. This confirms our low the fault tolerance techniques of multinational giants, and the framework of dependency that established WhatsApp in eight years.

I made a quick visit to Facebook, and my feed was literally invaded meme featuring WhatsApp in uncomfortable situations. A little further down I found claims and insults directed at Facebook for having ‘ruined’ WhatsApp purchase, and a long etcetera. Withdrawal had reached its peak: WhatsApp fell, and no one could do anything about it. failure acquired a global profile, and remained so for two hours. It is the duration of a movie, or a chat with someone interesting but the average user of WhatsApp is not recognized by your patience, and has no pity to criticize. The second most used Instant Messenger service on the planet has the backing of a titan like Facebook, and even so, is not the first time that happens.

the statement of WhatsApp was weak and disappointing. Nothing in their blog, or Twitter account.

do technical details? Any part of the company. just shared a brief statement confirming the existence of the fault, and its subsequent correction. Error on the servers? Any kind of attack? We do not know, and that takes more fuel to the fire. The irony of WhatsApp is who always presented deficiencies to the «» status. The official channel of WhatsApp on Twitter does not receive updates from February of 2014, month in which Facebook announced the purchase of the Messenger. Another possibility is an interruption as advance payment to major within the service changes. My old Lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8.1 received a update to your WhatsApp client, but I didn’t see anything like that on my Android device.

in the end, what does one stain more to Tiger WhatsApp will again fall, that is inevitable. Somehow, the reactions are similar to that we saw when the Microsoft MSN Messenger threw the towel for a while. Took it him eight years to WhatsApp move from simple insulated Messenger to occupy a place of privilege in communications daily of billions of people. WhatsApp reached that delicate point in which failure is not an option . And please, saying what happened.

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