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In addition, you also include some information extra. In this way, you have an overview of what has happened with the platforms you already know.

Guide complete EasyHits4U just for my subscribers

a while ago published my guide to EasyHits4U . Sini however, currently is not complete. I’ve removed some chapters to be added to the complete guide that only my susriptores, as you can get.

Here you can download this guide, which you will undoubtedly guide to get the most out in less time on this great site to Exchange web traffic.

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shortening hidden! 

GetsURL is of Arabic origin, and the best paid countries are Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as USA, UK and Canada, with $ 5 CPM. It follows them Qatar, Oman and Kuwait, as well as Sweden, with $ 4.  Spain Portugal or Germany, allegedly made it to $3.6 . In the tables there is no Latin American, however, they are included in Others (others), doing $1.5 for each thousand visits. If they really are certain, they are very interesting.

have been reported to me that pay correctly I have even seen the proof of payment. This shortening would go unnoticed if it were not for their rates.

According to Alexa is growing apace however, I can not start session . For this reason it is not for me, despite the fact that it is paying, a shortening of useful or reliable. I don’t really know what happens.

But we have another; has been registered for 2 years, and is one of the hidden shortening. Some people have reported to me that their daily incomes are not added to the balance, but it could be invalid views like that are made when you visit the links you yourself created.

It was gaining some traffic although he already lost much. It is Tangier, but this should not be an impediment to start using it.

In addition to statistics and password protection, we have custom urls (custom alias), API and possibility to export addresses. Sample ads to display complete with a 10-second count down. Amazingly, once you press the button to continue (Skip ad), pop-up ads are not displayed (or at least in my tests did not).

Rates are incredibly high for many countries. Among them, US with $13.33 to desk and $16.67 thousand unique visits from mobile or tablet, Australia followed with $11.00 and $13.75, respectively. There are many other Europeans hovering around the $ 9.

Thousand visits from Spain are listed at $8.33 in desktop and $1042 on mobile – that seems a little extreme, but may be possible. As for LATAM the prices are not so exaggerated, but they are still very good in some cases. For example;  Mexico is listed at $2.73 and $3.42, to $2.67 and $3.33 Brazil.

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Cuba to $0.67 and $0.83, Chile $0.25 and $0.31, others make it in lathe $0.40 and $0.20 even though they are the minority… You can check the rates for any country in the Rates section.

It has a referral program that rewards you with a Commission of 20%. The minimum payment is only $ 1 and is carried out via Paypal, Dèbito WebMoney or Skrill . These are processed daily.

please, respect all these texts, don’t be plagiarism.

Yun new Shortener hidden

new but only in Bitcoin! has excessive rates, as well as its growth (20 million jobs in the latest update of Alexa), but we will explain because; for Spain pay at the time of writing this $4.38 all Latin America makes to $2.92 for each thousand unique visitors. However, if we read carefully to see that all the profits we get with it, will go to stop, daily, to our balance of Mellow Ads in Bitcoin (is presumably there we may charge them as not indicated otherwise). It has a Commission from referrals of the 25% .

and new shortening added to the list: belongs to the same owner of by what practically can already count on our confidence from the beginning. We can both inform us how to get income. Between rates the best paid countries are United Kingdom and United States with $2.5 both per thousand. Spain makes it to $1.70 and the rest of the Hispanic world and practically almost all countries of the world do to $1.50. Payments are sent by Paypal once reached the $ 5 within 4 days. all countries listed $ 1.5 CPM but eye, there are some surprises among the tables; Italy and Spain are listed at $2.00, Brazil makes it $1.75, to $1.65 Argentina and Venezuela $1, 60.Los best paid are Australia, United States, Canada and United Kingdom, doing all to $5.00 per thousand. From only $1.00 we will withdraw our winnings via Paypal or WebMoney. (still do not know if it pays but it is growing very well in their country of origin) is from Brazil and pay thousand visits from a minimum of $ 1.50. For USA for $5.45. but the most surprising thing is that pays $3.84, for Spain to Portugal $3.17, Italy $3.15, Bolivia $3.15, Peru $3.02, Brazil $2.50, Venezuela $1.99, Mexico $1.95, Argentina $1.90, Uruguay $1.82, Ecuador $1.76, Paraguay $1.63, Colombia $1.60. Dominican Republic $1.58 and Chile $1.55. It allows you to create campaigns and pay by Paypal to the $ 5 within 4 days.

(INCLUDE IN ITS OWN ENTRANCE) The domain was registered by Diego Souza from the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil July 21, 2016.


and which sure you know that I have posted an entry and I have found that it pays and whose payment rates leave from the $ 1.6 for countries around the world and go to Colombia to 1.75, visits Mexico to $1.9 and Spain at $2.10 per thousand and the minimum balance for payment is only $ 2 and sent by PayPal in the next 4 days, we have: from a minimum of $1.85 from anywhere in the world. Shows 2 intermediate pages, the first without ads but with captcha, the second with a full-screen advertisement (also an ad pop but is blocked by the browser). Payments are sent by Paypal $ 5 within 4 days. (assure me you pay but I have not tested it) ensures pay for visits from U.S. to $ 5 and from any country from a minimum (Worldwide Deal) $1.70 per thousand. Prevents the passage to visits with blocker of advertising, pay the $ 3 via Paypal. (still do not know if it pays) didn’t start on the right foot; at the beginning I didn’t have advertisers and had errors, also still use the 3 double Vees in the URL, which adds length to short links inncesariamente. Ensures for Spain to pay $3 and for the traffic of the world $1.6, including this all LATAM countries.

have stopped working that I had a super paint, heavy traffic from Japan and made your payment via Paypal, Dèbito, Bitcoin or Webmoney $ 5 closed its doors. It is not known why, surely has been a scam with bots.

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remember that you have almost all shorteners in URL Multishortener . In addition to being available in Spanish for Chrome and Opera also is available for Android devices .

with both versions, you can shorten URLs with the best shortening that pay. Ana is still medir last surge, but the most important are all, without exception.

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