“The Google Play Store could exceed revenue to the App Store for the first time in 2017

 App Store vs Google Play Store

the latest data from App Anie have come to light. The new information shows that up to now the App Store surpassed significantly the Google Play Store revenue referred to. but from App Anie, believes that this situation will be reversed this 2017.

the Google Play Store along with other third-party stores will outstrip the App Store

there are several factors to consider. He is considered that Google Play Store, along with third-party stores – those of manufacturers of Android devices – will outstrip the App Store . If we refer to the Google Play Store by itself alone, in this case we will have to wait several years, indeed expected that until 2021 the App Store continues to be leading.

part of the main reason for the success of third party Apps on Android is the i ncremento of China from terminals and other manufacturers from Mexico, Brazil or Indonesia.

 Samsung Galaxy Apps

the figures will be increasing in the coming years

during the past 2016, l as Apps from third-party obtained some 10 billion dollars but are these numbers are expected this year . Especially considering the sales of terminals as Xiaomi, Huawei and others. In fact, the markets of the United States, China, Japan and Korea in the South and United Kingdom are expected to obtain 85% of the market share during the 2021, whereas 75% obtained last year 2016. “

 App Store vs Google Play Store

the analyses suggest that the d escargas of applications obtained more than 352 billion in 2021 obtaining a figure of 139 billion dollars. It is expected that the App Store is a big part of this figure, earning about $ 60 billion in 2021, according to the estimates of App Annie.

do you think that Android will get more benefits in the coming years? What do you think it may be the main reason? Leave your opinion in comments.

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