The Galaxy S8 sells 5 million units (but that means?)

this morning, in my update session daily technology news, I found several articles referring to sales of the fantastic and super flashy Galaxy S8 Samsung. 

“Although we cannot provide detailed figures, the sales are going smoothly around the globe,” a company official said. “The combined sales already are beyond 5 million units.”

A spokesman for the company said The Investor to the sales of the S8 / S8 + continue to “flow” around the world and which have exceeded the 5 million units in less than a month. 

But and that mean? 

As an economist I am, I like to keep things in perspective. And nothing like the data to do so. In its Q1 sales, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sold 7 million units, indicating that the S8 / S8 + are selling best. At this step, and with the input of the device to new markets, easily 20 million units could be sold before the end of the quarter. 

Now, despite being an important number of 5 million is the same who sold the iPhone 5 in its first weekend of sales in September of 2012.

What’s more, by comparing the number of S8 / S8 + sold so far in the month versus the various models of iPhone sales in its first weekend it shows that it is less than 40% of what Apple sold their iPhones 6S / 6S Plus a couple of years ago (Apple decided to since last year does not follow presented their iPhones sales figures for the first weekend (, indicating that this has reached a point that reflects more the restrictions of production that the public’s interest in devices, thing that it is evidenced in the almost 14 weeks, which is needed to equip offer – demand with its latest release). 

Now, this is not the business of Samsung. You can here find an interesting percentage which made its operating margin (although, remember, Galaxy S8 is the cell phone more expensive produce in those who are on the market).

But actually the Samsung business this year will push when A7 can in the middle market and sell millions of Galaxy S7 Edge, whose components will leave you many cheaper that last year and which will be able to compete with features and price in the high range (on the basis that now there are 2 high ranges ) (: the high and the premium). 

And therefore I do not think that any doubt fit Samsung will maintain its leadership in the sale of smartphones around the world not only for the second quarter, but even for the third, where besides already it will be in the market Note 8.

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